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I told my BabyGirl that She was GOING TO change this world, She is off to a pretty great start...

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Every Night Daddy shares his Goodnight message with His BabyGirl and asks Jesus to tuck Her in and say Her prayers, and to always give Him "Easy Kisses"

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Because Raven truly lived life to the fullest, we ask you do the same. Shine Raven's Light by paying it forward for someone today.

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On January 15, 2020, Raven answered Her final calling on this side of Heaven. On Our darkest day, the light shined on seven other families when they received the miracle that they had been Praying for. God answered their long awaited prayers through the gift of life from BabyGirl.

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About the Raven's Light Foundation

Standing in Raven's Light

The sweetest name that I will ever be called is Raven's Daddy.

Shane Goff, Raven's Daddy

Raven was a gift from God this school year. Without her I never would have made it. She saves me every day and reminds me of how perfect life can be. 

Jennifer Garner, Raven's Teacher

My Honeylove, stole my heart the first time I saw her. She lit up my world every single day for six and a half years. I carry her with me and she continues to make me a better person and better Nana.

Cheri Goff, Raven's Nana

Raven was papa little sweetheart. She is and will continue to shine her light for us all with help from our Lord. 

Stan Goff, Raven's Papa

The Raven's Light Foundation Leadership Team