$2 Donation Drive for The Chosen


The Raven's Light Foundation exists to spread kindness and share the love of Christ to our physical and online community. We recently watched The Chosen (https://studios.vidangel.com/the-chosen) and were moved by the quality of this series, depicting the life of Christ. They are completely crowdfunded and are raising money to produce Season 2 .

The donation packages $1000+ include the honor of having a name in the credits of Season 2. The Raven's Light Foundation is committed to donating at least $1000 to have "In Memory of Raven Nicole Goff" listed in the credits of Season 2. 

100% all $2 donations and $2 from every merchandise purchase in the month of May will go to The Chosen. The Raven's Light Foundation will match donations (maximum of $2000) to donate to The Chosen and help their mission in continuing the spread of the message of Jesus. 


CLICK HERE to donate