Goodnight BabyGirl - February 26, 2020


Hi my silly girl... I know you & Jesus are making the silliest, funniest faces together, & laughing so hard your little belly hurts... that sound was one of THE. GREATEST sounds Daddy has ever heard... I miss you my BabyGirl. tonight was hard... The first Ash Wednesday service since you went Home. Daddy cried, & Thanked Jesus for YOU. The first of many things that Daddy will have to do... I am Praying, &
listening to Jesus where I need to be, & what I need to do for the next 40 days to get EVEN CLOSER to Him. & I
promise BabyGirl, as soon as I know, i will talk & share with you... You are Daddy’s Heart.

Jesus, please say our Prayers with my BabyGirl, & tuck her in tight for me...

I am more proud of You today, than I
was yesterday, & tomorrow, I will be more proud of You than I am right now...

with EVERY beat of my Heart, I Love You my BabyGirl...

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